Increase your audience by reading the tips below

Building a following can be overwhelming. Gaining followers is one thing, but getting them to actively like, comment, or share is a whole other ball game. Whether you’re selling a product or just trying to get more engagement, it can be challenging to get an active audience to interact with your content. In the days where everyone and their dog has an Instagram or Facebook account, it can be hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Luckily, you can use these platforms to your full advantage for free! Here are five ways to increase your social media traffic to build a solid following.

Post Consistently



Posting consistently is one of the best, easiest ways to build an organic audience. Because of the easy accessibility that is social media it is now easier than ever to market your brand to the world. That is why it is so important to consistently post on your account’s social media. Whatever you’re selling or promoting, being consistent (not to mention shareable) can keep the item at the forefront of your followers’ thoughts. So the next time they think about picking up dinner, your restaurant would be the first one that comes to mind over your less active competitor.


Post Relevant Content


Brainstorming content can be difficult. You have to figure out how to not only market your product, but to make engaging content that makes the audience want to interact with it. A great way to get active engagement without getting repetitive is to share what’s been happening in the real world and incorporating it into your content, for example, mentioning the latest viral song in a caption or sharing your take on the latest viral meme. This would display how your page has kept up with the latest and having followers feel more in tune with your page. But it is also noteworthy to keep in mind to stay relevant to your demographic, no one wants to discuss the latest reality tv drama under a restaurant’s business page.


Make your Feed Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eye


Posting consistently can be creatively draining. You have to figure out how to present your product in a hundred different ways not only to gain new followers but to keep the ones you already have interested enough to want to keep doing so. A big factor in both maintaining and growing a consistent following is to make your posts attractive to look at. You can achieve this by creating a cohesive theme that makes your posts easy to look at especially when put side to side. You can achieve this by having a color theme, or style but never posting the same thing twice.


Interact with your Audience


Interacting with your audience is beneficial for both the seller and consumer. In keeping yourself in both their thoughts and timeline it is important to interact with your audience. Maybe you are thinking about selling a new product but not quite sure how well it would do with your audience. You can upload a question and have them tell you exactly what their thoughts or suggestions are. Not to mention the more an audience interacts with a post the more it gets recommended to your current audience and new potential followers.

Be Patient


Growing an organic audience is no easy task. And make no mistake it does not happen overnight. Building an audience takes time but is well worth it over buying fake followers. Slowly growing an audience of real, interested followers has more benefits with encouraging real people to invest in the product that you are promoting.

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