360 Donations

360 Donations Allows Nonprofit Organizations to Accept Donations from
the Clover POS.

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360 Donations allows nonprofit organizations to accept donations from the Clover POS. Use your Clover POS as a Donations Kiosk so that individuals can easily leave a donation. 360 Donations gives you the ability to create campaigns to collect donations for different causes. You can create a campaign to collect donations to build a school or collect donations to provide books for students. You can create long-term or short-term campaigns to meet specific deadlines. 360 Donations can help your nonprofit organization collect money to fund various endeavors. 360 Donations is absolutely free! No need to worry about monthly fees or hidden charges to use the app.

  • Create campaigns to collect donations
  • Set a specific goal for various campaigns
  • Set a time of how long you need to collect donations
  • Admin access allows to edit and create new donations
  • Great for Nonprofit Organizations looking for a Donations Kiosk


This app offers the following subscription tiers

360 Donations is free – Take advantage and lock in the free subscription
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