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Empower your Clover POS

Grow your business with unique apps built for the Clover POS

Smart Online Order

Online Ordering Made Easy

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Display Pole

Customer Facing Display Pole for your Clover POS

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Smart Discounts

Sell more products with Smart Discounts

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Price Changer

Increase or decrease prices throughout the day

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Perfect Coupons

Print a variety of coupons directly from your Clover POS to increase customer retention.

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Text Alerts

Receive notifications in realtime to ensure your business is running smoothly

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360 Donations

360 allows non-profits to accept donations from the Clover POS.

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Smart Coupons

Turn your receipts into a marketing tool that will bring customers back again and again.

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Identity on the Blockchain

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Smart Assign

Easily assign customers to each order

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Schedule Discounts

Schedule and manage your discounts

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Fortune Receipt

Prints Random Fortune Quotes on the bottom of customers receipt

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Build me a Website

Let us build you a modern and user friendly Website

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Deposit App for your Clover

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Remote Pay

Accept payments remotely from your customers.

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Smart Supplies

Purchase Clover supplies and more for less

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What clients say

This is a fantastic app and great customer service. Our business model is 90 percent remote pay so works great!
Butcher's Bait Club - Remote Pay App

Huge help during covid times! Complete game changer!!!
Mediterranean Restaurant


Great app and wonderful support
Bob's Market


Easy set-up, great online ordering system for restaurant that works great with Clover system. Customer support is beyond great and very helpful!!
THE BREAKFAST CLUB & PUB - Smart Online Order

I have a client that originally wanted to use WooCommerce, but when I found out that she already uses Clover in her store, I did some research and found this plugin to be the best solution. Keep up the great work and I hope to grow my business as your business grows.
iLocalEverywhere - Smart Online Order

First of all, this is an amazing plugin! And they have the best customer service on the planet! The developers have been constantly in touch and helping us improve our website and we can’t wait to see how this plugin improves over time and adds new features.
Sunny R Paradeshi

The day I heard that we would have to close our in-house dining due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I immediately got onto the CLOVER MARKETPLACE to find an online ordering tool. I decided to use this one as it offered the full suite of online ordering options. It integrated into my clover system seamlessly, offered full customization, is easy to use, and even gave delivery radius’. This app literally saved my business from COVID!! As we have continued to use this app, even after re-opening, it has allowed us to have a booming to-go business that has allowed us to do even better numbers than we did last year DESPITE the pandemic. I can’t sing the praises enough or thank these people enough. Download this app! Use this APP! It’ll save your business!!!!!!
STEINHAUS KELLER - Smart Online Order

Saved my Business

CUSTOMER SERVICE — as a person that doesn’t know a lot about computer, I’m very skeptical of signing up because I get easily confuse on how it will work for our advantage. Well, I tell ya, its the best decision I’ve made for our business. Not just, the creator of this App helped me through understand how it works, BUT he always answers my call even on weekends. And that is a true customer service!!! ABOUT THIS APP—- its very easy to use and convenient for us and for our online customers. It has helped us so much especially during the Pandemic. Try the text subscription, its THE way to go to touch base with your customers letting them know that their orders are ready. VALUE— Its the best value for your money. Not just its reasonable but it helped us gained more customers in the past 3 months since we have it. I love it.

This is unequivocally the best option for online order, particularly for Clover users. Online ordering systems (e.g., freshbytes, etc.) typically have costly subscription fees. Smart Online Ordering is not only an affordable online ordering system, it comes with great features. More importantly, customer service is exceptional. I currently have the subscription that allows for text notification. This allows the restaurant to let the customer know that their order is received, when they can expect to have their order ready, and when to pick up. This is particularly useful to help gauge expectations and manage orders. 10/10 would recommend this app to any business looking to utilize online ordering.
Daily Grinds - Smart Online Order