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…..In today’s digital world, people want everything as soon as possible. They want to view a restaurants menu from the comfort of their homes or from work to make an Online Order. With the rise of online ordering platforms like Grubhub and Seamless, it is no surprise that restaurants are also looking for ways to make their business more accessible to Online Customers. While Grubhub, UberEats, Seamless, DoorDash and many other Online Ordering platforms may seem like a good fit. Many business owners don’t realize that they can use their own Clover POS to accept Online Orders. This eliminates the hefty commissions paid to 3rd party apps and creates a more seamless experience where all Online Orders are channeled through the Clover Device.

Here are 5 common questions that Clover POS owners ask.

Clover Station

1. Does Clover take Online Orders?

Yes, Clover does take online orders using it’s own built in Online Ordering as well as an array of 3rd party apps that can be downloaded from the Clover App Market, which Clover calls “More Tools”. I would prefer the name “More Apps”.

Clover App Market

More Tools in the Clover App Market

Choosing the right Online Order app

It is important to realize that taking these types of orders requires the business owner to do some research to ensure they choose the correct Online Ordering App. It can be enticing to use the built in Online Ordering app provided by Clover, but it’s not for everyone.

What is Right For my business? Smart Online Order vs Clover Online Ordering: Click here to Learn More

Online Order for Clover

Clover Device with Smart Online Order

Therefore, it’s best for business owners who want to accept online orders through their Clover POS to seek out companies that specialize in offering a full service solution that allows for the optimal customer experience and features.

For example, Smart Online Order at the time of this writing is the highest rated app in the entire Clover App Market with 148 Five Star Reviews. It is a leading provider of Online Ordering for Clover that offers the most robust features. This includes text messaging, pausing the online order, custom hours, branded look and feel, 4 different store interfaces, a powerful backend, and an array of features that allows for a high degree of customization. This is not possible with the default Online Ordering offered by the Clover device.

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Reviews of Smart Online Order

Customer Experience

Customers everywhere want everything now- especially food! They want a seamless experience with the ability to be notified when their order is ready (text messaging), the ability to use coupon codes, loyalty, and a branded mobile app. Furthermore, you can choose from many different store interfaces.

Text Messaging for Smart Online Order

Coupon codes

Coupon codes are extremely beneficial because they allow them to save money on their orders. Customers can use coupon codes for discounts and special promotions that restaurants may be currently running on their social media media or website

e.Coupon Codes for Smart Online Order

Branded Mobile App

A customer wants to download your app from the App Store or on their iPhones or from Google Play for their Android Phone. Now they can! If a customer wants to earn points and rewards for every purchase, they can’t with the default Clover Online Ordering.

Benefits of having a branded app

Having your own Branded Mobile App helps process orders. Orders come to your Clover Device, customer information can be saved on your list so you can send marketing emails to those that made orders on your Website. Furthermore, when a customer opens your branded App, they only see your menu, not to mention all of the fees saved by channeling your customers to order from your branded app.

Branded App for Clover with Smart Online Order

These are just some of the reasons that customers want a branded mobile app in addition to online ordering through their clover POS device. As you can see, there is no shortage of benefits when using Smart Online Order over the built-in option of Clover Online Ordering. The ‘More Tools’ menu truly does give business owners more options than before which makes it easier than ever before to be successful in today’s digital world!

Improved Benefits

If you consider all of the benefits and features provided by having an Online Order App for your business- which we outlined above! This equates to better features than Clover Online Ordering – better customer experience, more orders (which means higher revenue), etc..

2. Is Clover safe to order from?

Yes, Clover is safe to order from. In fact, many restaurants that accept orders online that prints to their Clover POS also have a website with an official menu and real-time inventory information. This way customers can see what is in stock before they decide to place an order. While the default Clover Online Ordering does not offer real time-inventory stock management for Online Orders, the 3rd party app called Smart Online Order found in the Clover App Market “More Tools” offers this feature.

Secure Payments for Smart Online Order

Secure Payments

Online Orders offers secure payments to ensure all orders use SSL encryption. In addition, when accepting payment for internet based orders using your Clover POS device you never actually share customer card data or account number with any third party company as all transactions are processed directly by the bank itself via PCI Compliance standards set out by Visa/Mastercard/AmEx which means no sharing or selling of personal financial data whatsoever! That’s peace of mind knowing none of your customers’ sensitive card data is securely transmitted using encryption technology.

Easy and Secure Payments by Clover

3. How does Clover Online work?

Clover online allows you to take Online orders from anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s from a mobile phone, tablet, app, or desktop. While Clover Online Ordering offers the basic features, their open API allows developers to further add additional features.

Open API

With an open API, Clover has allowed 3rd party developers to take internet orders to the next level. We have created an integration with their API that allows for an easy setup. So you can get additional features and focus on what’s important for your business.

Clover Station with Printer Duo

Order Frequency

Smart Online Order brings new customers and keeps them coming back by removing the cumbersome online ordering experience. Customers can go directly into their favourite restaurant website, choose “Online Order” and instantly be shown the entire menu. They can then place their order and pay directly from the website without ever having to stop what they’re doing. They will receive an optional text message notification when it is ready at the restaurant or notify them if any adjustments needs to be made.

Scheduled Orders

Scheduled Orders for Smart Online Order

What should I choose?

There are a lot of Online Ordering Apps out there, however, no one can offer what Smart Online Order does. We have built our own proprietary platform that allows us to take advantage of Clover’s open API and provides all these features for you:

Want to learn more about Smart Online Order features: Click Here

4. How do I set up an online order?

Setting up an online order is quick and easy.

First, we recommend going to the Clover App Market “More Tools” Search for Smart Online Order. Once you have selected this app, a new window should pop-up with all of its features available for configuration, such as Store Interface Selection, Custom Hours, Text Messaging, and an array of new features. We also understand that some users may need guidance and direction to help getting their Online Ordering for Clover setup. This can be seen as a Clover Powered Web Page as checkout is secured by Clover that takes your business online.

We offer free onboarding where we can initiate a Zoom Call and walk with you step by step to set up Smart Online Order.

During the call we can show you step by step on how to create your very own Online Ordering page to help customers order online.

As long as you have your Clover Inventory setup, we can help convert that into a menu web page for customers to view your menu Online.

The Ultimate guide to accept online orders with Clover POS: Click Here

Smart Online Order for Clover

Free Onboarding and Training

While the training and onboarding are optional, however, we have seen that when business owners go through onboarding, they are more confident, understand all of the features and get more Online Orders.

5. What else does Clover offer?

Clover offers many other features besides Online Ordering: Delivery Tracking, Loyalty Programs, Discount Codes, and much more! There are currently over 500 apps in the Clover App Market “More Tools” that offer various features. Loyalty Apps, help to keep customers coming back with loyalty programs. This helps attract new customers through mobile ordering, increase average ticket size by offering discounts, and helps to streamline orders to save time, money, as well as many more features.


The Clover POS System is a powerful system that offers many benefits. Let us take your business Online. If you want your Clover Point of Sale system to be more effective, it pays to find an app that has the features and functions you need. With over 500 apps available on Clover, finding the right one can feel like a daunting task. That’s why we offer free onboarding, training, and in-house support at no extra charge or cost—we know how important this is for small business owners who don’t have time to do all the research themselves!

We also provide social media marketing, branded mobile apps, so you can generate even more traffic. We see ourselves as partners to help your business grow. We are here every step of the way to help your business grow.

Businesses already using Smart Online Order

Smart Online Order is already used in over 2,000 restaurants including French Press Bakery, Vinh Teahouse, North End Pizza, and many more.

Contact us today so we can help get your online ordering up and running as soon as possible!


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