15 Ways to Supercharge Your Sales With Marketing for Clover

aMarketing includes many different things. It has been a major part of the success of many small and large businesses. This can be seen in almost every industry from restaurant, retail, and everything in between. Marketing is not only important but also necessary if you want sales moving fast through your doors and specifically, to your Clover POS.

Now, with the advent of advanced POS systems and the ability to install 3rd party applications, the opportunity to boost sales by utilizing marketing strategies has dramatically increased. In this article, we will discuss some marketing techniques that can be used to generate more customers from both Online and in-store to help generate more orders to your Clover Device.

Some business owners that own a Clover POS find it difficult to attract more customers. While it is true that having a great product in the market will help get customers talking. However, when a business focuses primarily on offering the best product or service this can only take them so far. In order to grow your business and achieve greater success, you must also focus on social media marketing, promos, outreach, SEO, text messaging, branded mobile app to help generate more traffic to help promote sales to your Clover Device.

In this article, we will discuss some simple techniques that will assist business owners in making better use of their Clover Device to get more orders




1) Having a social media presence with regular, informative posts to drive traffic to your Clover

One of the most common ways to market a small business is on social media. This can be anything from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more! Find out what your customers are using and create an account on those platforms for yourself or even hire someone to help manage it. Make sure you post interesting content that will engage your followers so they keep coming back for more! Also, don’t forget about hashtags as another way to get discovered by people looking in specific categories such as #marketingtipsforbusinesses.




2) Offer Special Deals using the Clover App Market

By offering special deals or discounts for certain days of the week. For example, if you have a lot of foot traffic on Tuesdays and Thursdays, offer some great deals to get customers talking about your business even more! This is great for marketing purposes


3) Offer a Loyalty Program by downloading an app from the Clover App Market to Keep Customers Coming Back for more!

You can easily set up a loyalty program in the Clover App Market. This allows your customers to get rewarded for their loyalty and will likely bring them back time after time when they receive that reward or bonus offer. It is an easy way of showing appreciation by giving something back, which has proven itself as an effective marketing technique across several different industries such as retail and restaurants.


4) Text Message Marketing and Marketing Campaign

There are apps in the Clover App market that text your customers from the Clover Device during the customer journey. This way you can communicate with your customers, letting them know their order is ready, running late, or even send them a “Thank You” or offer a discount after they ordered. This can be an excellent way to create loyalty as every time someone receives text messages they are reminded that you care.




5) Branded Mobile App that builds Customer Relationships

Another marketing method for small business owners is to create a branded mobile app. By having your own customized, branded app you can make it easier for customers to interact with your brand and keep coming back because of the convenience they get from using their very own Clover Device. Your app will be available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. They will also be able contact you directly without ever needing anyones else’s help or input which makes customer service seamless! Furthermore, once they place an Online Order, you can utilize the Text message marketing feature to text your customer. This is possible because your branding may even lead them into recommending your company to friends, family members or colleagues which in turn generates more sales over time through word-of-mouth referrals. This also helps you from paying outrageous fees to 3rd party companies, who lists you amongst your competitors.




6) Advance special events through social media or word of mouth

Another way to promote sales is through advance special events. These can be for various reasons such as introducing a new product or service, offering an amazing deal that cannot be missed out on etc. Use any of the marketing techniques mentioned above to increase your chances of people knowing about it and coming in during the promotional period!


7) Understand what others are doing wrong so you don’t make their same mistakes!

It’s important to understand what other business owners are doing wrong so you don’t fall into the same traps. For example, if a competitor has low sales and no social media presence, don’t make the same mistake by following in their footsteps. Aim to do something different that may work for you while avoiding what didn’t work well for them!


8) Learn from businesses that are succeeding that utilize the Clover App Market to build customer relationships

One great source for learning more about how other businesses succeed at promoting themselves online is by reading some blogs which offer tips on creating better posts on social media, finding hashtags more effectively or even understanding which days work best for promotions depending upon where they are located geographically. There’s nothing like observing another business that is growing and doing things right.




9) Search Engine Optimization to bring traffic in-store and Online Orders to your Clover Device

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very effective marketing technique that includes making sure parts of your website are searchable on Google and other major search engines. This helps potential customers learn about what services or products you offer from within their online searches for this information. By optimizing your website, blog posts and other online content you can increase traffic which will lead to more customers! This doesn’t have to be a difficult process either – there are plenty of tools out there that allow you to manage some aspects of this from one place. Once everything has been optimized correctly, let Google know what’s new on your site so they crawl through all the fresh content and make sure everyone looking in those categories knows exactly where to find you!


10) Participating in local community projects to show customers that you care

You can host fundraisers or participate in community projects that will allow potential customers to see how good of a company you are. This is an excellent way to get new business and also spread your name around town! The more people who know about you, the more people will be purchasing from your business and will allow you to know more about your customer information.

Offering some sort of community service is a good way to get noticed online! This shows potential customers that not only are you committed to giving back but also that their money is going towards something worthwhile which can go a long way with consumer trust and satisfaction. It’s always best to do things for others when possible because it often comes full circle at some point down the road where someone may need help too!


11) Use Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around since the beginning of time (or at least Internet time). It’s simple: send email updates with news and notifications about new products , deals or even discounts to your Clover customers. You can also offer special coupons and deals that will only be available for a certain time frame!



12) Have a Contest/Giveaway

Contests are great ways to engage with customers because it gives everyone the opportunity to win something, which is always exciting! For example, you could have a contest where people who share a Facebook post about your company get entered into a drawing for a free product from your business. Another idea would be having an Instagram photo contest using specific hashtags so other users across the platform can see how many likes each picture gets – whoever has the most likes by midnight wins! Make sure you promote these contests on all of your social media channels as well as any other marketing campaign you’re running.


13) Network with Others in your Industry

This may seem a bit obvious, but building relationships is extremely important when it comes to marketing for small businesses. If you’re not familiar with other people working within the same industry as yours , go introduce yourself! It could be that they have a lot of customers who would benefit from using your product or service and vice versa. Even if there aren’t any businesses around you that are similar to yours, try attending local events such as meetups where professionals can socialize and network . This is also an excellent way to promote what you do because people will ask about how you got started on this journey which gives them more information on why they should use your company. Plus, they’ll remember seeing you at the event.




14) Track Your ROI (Return On Investment)

What good is all this marketing if you can’t track the results? That’s why it is extremely important to track your ROI (Return on Investment) so you know what kind of growth or decline in revenue there has been. You should also keep an eye on how many visitors are coming through each channel, which will give you a better idea of sales data and where most people are finding out about your company .


15) Don’t Spam

Lastly, don’t spam! It may seem tempting at first because some methods allow for high return rates but eventually those numbers drop, which means no more customers. If someone subscribes to one of your emails and gets tired of seeing the same content every single time they open their inbox, chances are they’ll unsubscribe pretty fast. Don’t do this to your customers or you’ll end up losing their trust and that is much worse than never having had them in the first place .

In conclusion, marketing is much more than just advertising or promotion. It encompasses many different things, including branding and social media marketing. Whether you’re a small business owner with no prior experience in this area or an established company looking to take your brand awareness to the next level, if you need help, then please contact us today.

During our initial consultation, we will ask you questions to ensure we are a good fit for each other. The vetting process will help determine if we can meet your needs and expectations.

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