As everybody knows, Facebook is the most popular social networking site. If you’re a restaurant owner and want to grow your business, then Facebook ads can help you. With Facebook ads, you can reach your desired audience. You can target people of a specific age group, area, Interests, and much more. In short, you can target people who’ve shown interest in businesses like yours, so the chances would be more for them to take action for you. As Instagram also belongs to Facebook, so you can run your campaigns on both Instagram and Facebook via Facebook Ads Manager.

Detailed targeting

With detailed targeting, you can reach your desired audience other than showing your ad to everybody. You can target people based on demographics, interests, and behaviors so that you can reach people who’re looking for your stuff. Let’s say your restaurant is vegan, so instead of targeting everybody, you can just go for a vegan community and end up getting more results.

Custom Audiences

Custom audiences can be a game changer for your restaurant. Here you can target people who have previously interacted with your business or shown an interest in your business or product. In this case, the chances of taking action can be higher as they’re already familiar with what you’re doing. You can create an audience with a customer list, website traffic, mobile app, etc. You can target people from your social media who’ve taken specific actions or interacted with your posts or page. Or if you’ve made a list of previous customers, You can also use that and show your ad to them. In short, with custom audiences, you get full control of your audience.

Lookalike Audience

With Lookalike Audience, you can reach new people who are similar to audiences you already care about. You can create a lookalike audience based on people who like your Page, conversion pixels, or any of your existing Custom Audiences. It can be very helpful if you’ve very few people in your custom audience so that you can also target look-alikes to reach more people. Suppose, your restaurant page has 5k followers so here you can create a lookalike audience to reach more people who’re the same as your current audience.

Types of Facebook Ads.


Brand Awareness

Here you can show your ad to people who are most likely to remember them. Let’s say you just started your restaurant business and you want people to know who you’re, so you can run brand awareness campaigns to let them know who you’re.


Here you can show your ad to the maximum number of people. If you just want to reach a lot of people then you can run a reach ad campaign.




If you want to send people to a website, app, or Facebook event, or let them tap to call you then you can go with traffic ads.


Want to get more Page likes, event responses, or post reactions, comments, or shares. Then you should go for an engagement ad campaign.

App installs

Here Facebook will show your ad to people most likely to download and engage with your app. If you have a branded app for your restaurant and you want people to download your app then you can create an app install campaign. If you don’t have a branded app and want to create one you can contact us. Click Here

Video views

Here Facebook will show people video ads. If you’ve made a video ad for your restaurant and want to promote it, then you can create a video views ad campaign.

Lead generation

Lead generation ads use forms, calls, or chats to gather info from people interested in your business. If you want to generate leads for your restaurant business, you can go with lead generation.


Here Facebook will show people ads that will allow them to engage with you on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.




In conversion ad campaigns Facebook shows your ads to the people who are most likely to take action, like buying something or calling you from your website.

Catalog sales

Use your target audience to show people ads with items from your catalog.

Store traffic

Store traffic ads can be very helpful for you if you want your nearby people to visit your store, as here in store traffic ads Facebook will show your ad to people most likely to visit your physical stores when they’re near them. You can also use store traffic ads for your restaurant.

Figure Out First.

There are so many types of ads you can run as you just read up. Now you’ve to figure out what your objective is and run an ad campaign, according to that, so that you could get the required results.


Now you might have a question in your mind how Facebook will track what’s happening on your website?

Tracking would be done by Facebook pixel which Facebook will give you in the form of a code and you’ve to install that on your website so that Facebook can track different events on your website.

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