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Zaytech has been working hand in hand with over 3.000 restaurants helping them with online orders and social media promotion.

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Troy Williams
Troy Williams
00:01 09 Mar 21
Wow! What a great experience. My website and social media was in need of a facelift. Zaytech staff worked expeditiously... to make modifications and new installations. Alfreda’s Soul Food page is streamlined and much more user friendly now. My Facebook Pages and Instagram platform are now connected. In a couple of week, I picked up dozens of new Instagram followers, and Facebook Likes. For a business, that means that I am connecting with, communication to, and collaborating with more partners and customers. I can sleep well knowing that a responsible team is monitoring my social media. Blessings!read more
Kent Infante
Kent Infante
20:54 08 Mar 21
First, a great service and experience with Zaytech, especially their smart online ordering system. This is very slick... and profitable. I was also introduced to their social media department, and what a pleasure that has been. Not only did they help me start a social media program from scratch, but they went over and above and helped me get ownership of a Facebook and Instagram account I had just bought the rights to own. The last piece of the puzzle is the people. These are the kind of teammates that respond on nights and weekends, that are there with you arm-and-arm to help solve problems, and refine a winning program. Absolutely great partners!read more
Fahed Saada
Fahed Saada
19:41 08 Mar 21
I hired Zaytech to work on our social media platform for our restaurant. It was the best decision we made. They were... posting three times a week. Each post consisted of videos and pictures with great graphics and background. We are lucky to have them help expand our business online!read more
Ana Sanchez de Marmolejo
Ana Sanchez de Marmolejo
21:09 28 Jan 21
We recently started our online ordering option for our restaurant and I am not tech savvy at all but Zaytech made it so... easy to setup. Any time I have a question they're quick to response. We're very happy we went with this team!read more
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Get Personalized Content that Appeals To Your Audience

Weekly Social Media Posts

Create engagement with your customers using eye-catching posts that showcases your products in a great way.

Save Time and Money

Don’t overpay for traditional methods to promote your brand. Social media can get quick results without the huge cost.

Grow Your Online Traffic

Social media can help boost your online presence by reaching out to potential customers, which is more advantageous than other networking methods.

Promote Your Products and Services 

Showcase your most popular products and establish your brand. What makes your business stand out from the rest? Get ahead of your competition by taking advantage of social media..

Get Results!

Invest in Social Media and Take Your Business To The Next Level! Let Us Help You Get There By Scheduling A Meeting Today. It Only Takes 30 Minutes.

Enhance Your Business

Check Out These Benefits 

Promote Products & Services

Social media is a great way to showcase your products and services. With some effort, a business could create eye-catching social media posts
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that make their products look appealing. A pair of shoes could be shown in many different ways that tell different stories depending on what the business wants to convey through social media. Furthermore, businesses can advertise any promotional events through social media such as holiday sales in no time.

Build Brand Awareness

When a business creates their brand, it represents their identity, culture, and story, which distinguishes them from their competition.
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Also, branding has to include a logo so that businesses have a face for customers to recognize and it makes it easier to build trust with customers. Hence, it is essential for businesses to build on their brand to reach as many people as possible because consumers should know where a business stands. Likewise, branding entices quality candidates to want to work with a business that aligns with their values. Businesses should use every available resource at their disposal to build their brand and that consists of social media. Social media can successfully communicate a business’ story with no trouble. Consumers will begin to grow to recognize a business’ brand, but only if the business takes the time to deliver their message properly and consistently.

Increase Online Traffic

If a business has created an online page for customers to browse and order products then it is in their benefit to want to increase their online traffic.
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Social media can act as a catalyst for potential customers by grabbing their attention and redirecting them to a business’ website. Potential customers can be funneled through social media using promotional posts and sharing great content. Also, social media can pull potential customers from all over, which makes it manageable to reach different demographics. Additionally, an increase of online traffic can boost a business’ search engine ranking as well and that will produce a competitive edge. With an increase of online traffic, this should also improve a business’ sales since more people are being taken to their online website and purchasing their products.

Cost - Effective

Advertising using traditional methods can be costly unlike social media which is affordable and faster. Over the years, cable television and radio is becoming
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less relevant for advertisers as consumers move on to other forms of entertainment such as streaming services. Therefore, businesses should seek out an effective and cheaper alternative to promote their products and social media is their best option. Social media just requires time and dedication to create an effective marketing campaign.

Establish Customer Loyalty

Sustaining customers ought to be the highest priority for businesses because without repeat customers, a business would not last. Therefore, it is important
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for businesses to establish customer loyalty and a great way to do that is through social media. Businesses have the ability to engage with their customers using social media as their platform by providing the opportunity for them to directly respond to customer feedback and to recognize them as well. For instance, if a customer posted a picture on social media with a business’ product then the same business should respond by thanking them and recommending other products. Social media makes customers readily accessible for businesses without having to utilize surveys or email marketing. Whenever a customer posts anything negative regarding a business then it is also another opportunity for that business to change that customer’s opinion by responding with a relevant solution.

Pass On Industry Knowledge

An effective way for businesses to build trust and loyalty from consumers is to provide insight on their industry using social media as their platform.
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Communicating on social media can keep followers engaged and there is no better way than to bestow industry knowledge. People follow experts because it keeps them informed about subjects that matter to them and businesses can use this to their advantage. A business that specializes in groceries can inform people on social media the difference between organic foods and non-organic foods.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the price for the social media marketing package?

Zaytech Social Media Marketing offers various pricing packages. We are currently offering a promotion of $150 for the first month (8 posts), for a LIMITED TIME. To learn more about our pricing packages, please schedule a meeting with one of our social media experts.

When will I expect to see results?

There are many variables that go into social media marketing, which makes it difficult to estimate a set timeframe.

What if I have multiple locations?

The pricing will vary for customers that have multiple locations, which will be addressed during the meeting with our social media team.

How do you know what content to post?

Our social media team will provide a questionnaire that will determine what content a customer will want to post.

Is there a contract?

No contract. Cancel anytime. No hidden fees.

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