Khalid Saleh


    Khalid Saleh is the CEO of Zaytech. He understands that behind every great technology is a great team. He believes that having the right team and a great culture is foundational to making great products. Leveraging his degree in business administration, he intends to utilize OKR’s to grow the company, build great products, and create lasting relations with customers. He believes that hard work, intrinsic motivation, and purposeful work helps generate growth opportunities.



    Reem Chavez


    As a marketing team member, Reem is not only involved in what happens in the office, she also works with the production team creating helpful videos to showcase our products. With her experience in administration operations and contracts, she can multitask well while managing the nitty-gritty details of Zaytech projects. She works alongside the entire team to dream up cool ideas and put them into practice by arranging the right resources.

    Ryan Murray


    Ryan leads Information Technology and Technical Support, where he is responsible for the company’s customer support call center, product knowledge, product training, web development/design and infrastructure. Ryan has 15+ years of experience in technical support, programming, networking, Hypervisors, VoIP services, web development, customer support and more. Before joining Zaytech, he held a leadership role at an internet service provider company in the SF Bay Area. Ryan continues to learn and educate himself in today’s ever-growing technology.

    Christopher Drew


    Christopher Drew is the Human Resources Manager of Zaytech and is responsible for the company’s talent acquisition & development, people operations, employee experience, and diversity & inclusion. Christopher got his start in Human Resources at Amazon, where he developed his skills in a high pace environment. Christopher earned his MBA from Notre Dame de Namur University and received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy with a concentration in Ethics, Politics, and Law from California State University, Sacramento.

    Kiristina Sangsahachart


    Kirstina is the Video Specialist and Marketing Team Member responsible for social media and video content. She received her undergraduate from San Francisco State University in journalism/ photojournalism. After picking up a film camera in high school, she followed her interest in photography through college and then newsrooms. Her passion for visuals is still eminent in her ability to capture the documentation of life’s numerous trials and celebrations.

    Jonathan Wong


    Jonathan holds the most critical position within our company, the phones, he ensures calls to the office go where they need to. With a background in various customer service positions over the last decade, he works to make sure our clients are helped in a timely manner and treated with the respect they deserve. In addition, his experience as an Information Technology Specialist with the Army Reserves allows him to help alleviate pressure on the technical support team, by assisting where and when he can. Jonathan continues to educate himself in the field of information technology to keep up to date with the latest in the rapidly developing field.
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