TITLE: Lonley_Man


CREATOR: Abdullah Evindar

Sold for:  275


NFT DESCRIPTION: It is a gif and my intention with it is to show people the RVN logo as it stands for the stable part of the item. The non-moving part. The colors inside that are rotating are the RGB colors that we see as we look at our screens. Now as you look closely you will notice that the RGB colors are not flat, they have several layers in them, several mini items. They are all the same and they are connected to all, but they can carry different information so as they look all alike they are all unique.

CREATOR: Ronald Nellestijn

Sold for: 255

TITLE:Scavenger – Trading Card

NFT DESCRIPTION: This Raven can survive in the toughest environments with little resources. 


Sold for: 333

TITLE: Royal Raven – Trading Card

NFT DESCRIPTION: Their royal bloodline bestows honor and grace to lead the charge against foreign enemies. 


Sold for: 360

TITLE: Assassin – Trading Card

NFT DESCRIPTION: Be cautious of the Ravens that lurk in the shadows waiting for their prey.


Sold for: 700


NFT DESCRIPTION: This Artwork defines the trust of raven holders in their Ravens it shows that “The Raven has been Patient… We have never needed to chase gold because we knew we already had it.” Additional information about the art collection This is will be the Very First NFT out of 6 NFT from the Special edition of the creator’s Artwork known as THE_VERY_FIRST_6 All the 6 Artworks will be Unique Asset and they will have no other NFT Copies.

CREATOR: MindelicArt

Sold for: 5555

TITLE: Bitcoin Gladiator Slays Fiat Slave

NFT DESCRIPTION: This stunning moving graphic art by Sven Starfury depicts Bitcoin as the victorious Gladiator over the debt slave fiat. Ravencoin is a fork of bitcoin and homage is paid to the developers of Bitcoin who made possible the most significant revolution in private property since the discovery of agriculture and division of labor.

CREATOR: Starfury (Twitter @sven^starfury_)

Sold for: 1000

TITLE: First Raven

NFT DESCRIPTION: This is the first NFT to appear on the Ravencoin asset layer. It first appeared on testnet and is now live on mainnet. It has inspired many community cards and is considered the holy grail of community cards.


Sold for: 3100

TITLE: RVNFT#BGT_RVN_3_10_2021_1_OF_4 – 4 (4 Total Assets)

NFT DESCRIPTION: “These are graphical representations of the March 10th commit of RavenProject/Ravencoin repo. These are based on the compressed zip and all of the images can be used to reconstruct the zip file and thus they ARE the ravencoin code stored on the ravencoin blockchain. Through the use of a Hilbert curve, these images maintain spatial locality so you will be able to see past and future changes when comparing with other versions of the code. This is your chance to own this point in time. These NFTs are a great way to show off your contributions to ravencoin, or you can offer it as a gift to others to commemorate the work they contributed.“


Sold for: 700

TITLE: Kit Smither’s Last Commute NFT Ed. Novella

NFT DESCRIPTION: This is a unique, NFT edition of my novella, Kit Smither’s Last Commute. This edition of the comedic, time travel adventure has been remastered from the Kindle Edition with new artwork and unique Ravencoin NFT identifiers. To make things more interesting, if the auction sale price exceeds 4500 RVN, the existing edition of the novella will be pulled from Amazon, and it will become the ONLY edition.

CREATOR: Christopher Ell

Sold for: 500

TITLE: Golden Raven Cloud

NFT DESCRIPTION: Have you ever seen something in the clouds that you just couldn’t believe? On April 2nd, just before our first live Ravencoin auction in Braveland, I was on vacation in Puerto Rico with my family and was taking some pictures on the beach. That’s when I looked up and saw something I absolutely had to capture a photograph of. It was a sign from above, a sign for all ravenites… there was a higher power telling me something… and I hope you all can see what I saw.

CREATOR: Johnny Karstadt

Sold for: 500


NFT DESCRIPTION: Project33 art units have decided to release a 1 of 1 unique asset set chronicling their progression from this coin to nearly 100 coins over six years of full time operation. Based in Eugene Oregon, Project 33 is an artist collective whose work focuses on exploring complementary and alternative physical currency in the form of glass coins and now incorporating block chains. They will be releasing each asset of the series, including a physical option, for sale here at the Zaytech Auction. By winning each weeks auctions you could own a complete Art Units 1/1 nft set fully backed up with a physical set of coins. What an accomplishment that would be! This week begins with the first Art Unit coin ever created, all the way back in 2011. Physicals of this coin hold a face value of 100 art units or 1000 usd. Prices are higher on the secondary market. Total supply of physical chips is 128. Start your art units collection now!

CREATOR: Project 33

Sold for: 1500