For Auction 04/30/2021

5:00 PM PST

TITLE: Revel Cove

NFT DESCRIPTION: Revel Cove is the first artist in a series of street and life scenes from the mythical city of Revel Cove, an underwater land where Narwhals, Scuba Suit wearing Unicorns and a myriad of mythical creatures live in harmony and constant fear from the sea hydras. From wearable art brand Order of the Pegasus, in the past, you could only buy physical t-shirts and clothing of this lush nautical scene. Now, Revel Cove is being released in a limited edition NFT. Michael Benko’s Order of the Pegasus will only release 1 NFT of this artwork, and more scenes from Revel Cove will follow, making this first release an iconic and rare piece of digital artwork.

CREATOR: Michael Benko

TITLE: Raven Legends #2 – Grímnismál

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Raven Legends is a short story artwork series that tastefully combines raven legends from many different cultures all across the world with both NFT & Physical artworks. This NFT legend is about one of the many tales focusing on Odin the Raven god. It is an important part of a poetic edda from Norse mythology.

CREATOR: Stanley C. Louis


EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: This NFT is the 10th in an experimental series of “interactive” NFT’s. Using IPFS this asset allows the owner to participate in a race against 2 opponents in a tiny virtual world. Optionally use the S &W keys on an attached keyboard as well as the mouse to control the car.

CREATOR: Dan Phillips

NOTE: This is an interactive game. Take a look at it on the blockchain!


TITLE: Mezcal Dream + Physical

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from agave in Mexico. The agave plant was one of the most sacred plants to the natives of Mexico. The origin of this drink has a myth. It is said that a lightning bolt struck an agave plant, cooking and opening it, releasing its juice. For this reason, the liquid is called the “elixir of the gods” Traditionally Mezcal is a handcrafted artisanal drink made in small batches with each producer using a different recipe handed down some 200 years ago. Most mezcal is made in Oaxaca Mexico but there are other states that contribute to the production as well.  They take the heart of the plant which is called the pina of a specific agave species then cook them underground for about three days. This gives the mezcal its intense and distinctive smoky flavor. Then they are crushed, mashed, and left in barrels to ferment with water. This digital art piece of a wild agave was originally taken in Jalisco Mexico. “Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, también.” (For everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, as well.)

CREATOR: Kirstina Sang

NOTE: There is also a video alone with this. It can be seen here

TITLE: The Way of The Birds

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Never think you’re alone, always go the way you believe…

CREATOR: Abdullah Evindar

TITLE: Soulless Ravencoin

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: This NFT design came to me in a dream, a meme dream. I was on the playground at recess, I was a kid again, and I saw this image drawn in a sandbox. I immediately work up and drew it in my dream journal. I now want the world to see what dreams are really made of.

I am the creator but RVNFT Minted the token for me.

CREATOR: John June

TITLE: American Raven Free

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: “American Raven Free” is a raven styled with a mixture of Native American styles and my own weirdness. There are obscured quotes from Frank Lloyd Wright. Also, a dog buried on the moon. I tried to give it nice detail when zoomed out as well zoomed in. 16:9 ratio, .svg file comes with. In fear of over-explaining art, the end.

CREATOR: SecretGamePixel

TITLE: Fiat vs. The RavenKing

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: “As Fiat drew her bow upon the RavenKing, little did she know he had been here before…and that it would not end well for this night of old.” Fiat vs the Raven King is the first in a planned series of unique NFT artworks by Christopher Ell. Created using Unreal Engine and Photoshop, this stunning slice of monetary battle is delivered as an uncompressed TIFF file with a native render resolution of 11,520 x 4800 making it suitable for large format printing without compromise.

This piece is limited to a single NFT, and has not been displayed anywhere in its full resolution prior to this auction.

Chris is an artist at DreamWorks Animation and has worked on such films as Kung Fu Panda, The Croods, and the upcoming Spirt Untamed.

CREATOR: Christopher Ell


TITLE: The Lawless Robber

EDITION:  1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: This Artwork is based on Captain Jack Sparrow A.K.A Johnny Depp who is a really Smart Pirate full of Sarcasm
He once said that “This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow”
but eventually, No one ever succeeded to capture him successfully
so this is the day’s guys for you to capture this amazing Pirate now in this beautiful ArtWork NFT.

This Artwork took around 2 weeks to complete the artwork. This will be a 1 on 1 Edition and will have no other NFT copies which make it a very special collection for Johnny Depp Die-Hard Fans.

The NFT owner will also receive the Orignal Resolution image which will be about 21,500 × 37,056 pixels of the Artwork other than this they will receive a CoA and their name will be Mentioned on the MindelicArt Official Site to prove their ownership.

CREATOR: MindelicArt


TITLE: SIR Raven Card

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: The first release from Tulip Labs trading card series, Sir Raven costs 7 mana to play, it has 6 attack and 8 health.

CREATOR: TulipLabs

TITLE: Duke Raven

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: This piece is the 3rd official NFT from Tulip Labs Aristocratic Ravens collection, it has been created using the vector drawing method, which allows the owner to print it out at any scale, without losing quality. You are bidding on the package which includes the NFT and Vector files that allow the rescaling.

CREATOR: TulipLabs

TITLE: Menace Raven

EDITION:  1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Be wary of which ravens you encounter or else risk facing serious harm.

CREATOR: Yassine O.


TITLE: Toxic Raven

EDITION:  1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Keep your distance from this raven unless you don’t want to live to see the next day. 

CREATOR: Yassine O.

TITLE: Noble Raven

EDITION:  1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: It’s is with great privilege to be fighting with this raven at your side. 

CREATOR: Yassine O.

TITLE: Osmodin Neon

EDITION:  1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Neon raven logo on fat stacks of Ravencoin.

CREATOR: Osmodin Media

TITLE: Raven Flow (Digital)

EDITION:  1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: The Raven flow goes beyond dimensions and through space and time.