For Auction 05/07/2021

5:00 PM PST

TITLE: Ravencoin Moments

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Tulip Labs presents a stylish price chart NFT, this piece includes some of the most notable moments from Ravencoin history.

CREATOR: TulipLabs


NFT DESCRIPTION: ANCIENTBRUCE was the first ANCIENT to be created on the Ravencoin blockchain as the main asset and one of very few original NFTs that was issued shortly after assets went live.

ANCIENTs are created to immortalize the legends, OGs, and pioneers of Ravencoin. Bruce Fenton is the first name you see on the Ravencoin whitepaper and he has been instrumental to the project’s success
Bruce has earned his place among the ANCIENTs.

There are only 10 and no more will ever be created. ANCIENTBRUCE is the 1st Edition Charizard of Ravencoin NFTs–make sure it finds a spot in your collection!

CREATOR: Frizzyowns

TITLE: American Raven Logo

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: “American Raven Logo” is a coin-shaped Logo. 16 is represented throughout, in reference to the original algo. The Logo is featured in “American Raven Free” NFT as the center of the raven’s chest.

CREATOR: SecretGamePixel


EDITION: 1 of 1

NOTE: This is a cool GIF, check it out on the blockchain!


TITLE:  King of Tokenization

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Ravencoin will gain its place as the number 1 blockchain for tokenization and NFT, RVN technologies will rule the world of crypto and the throne should be reclaimed as The rightful heir of Bitcoin.


NOTE: MOVIE! Check it on the blockchain!


TITLE: Growth

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Ravencoin is an asset that is still in its early years, with the potential to grow into a substantially priced coin. To fit in with the theme of Ravencoin’s first few years in life, I decided to create a series of artworks made partially of Play-Doh, a toy most see as a play-thing for young people. This NFT is the first of my series to develop over time, “Growth”, created by Clay.



EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: This is a meme Digitally Scarce Asset(DSA) I made about the journey of understanding the value of Ravencoin. The minting of this meme was inspired by those in the Ravencoin telegram channels.


TITLE: The Way of Birds

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: Never think you’re alone, always go the way you believe…

CREATOR: Abdullah Evindar

TITLE: Smokey The Cat

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: The first virtual pets are now available on the RVN blockchain. Smokey the cat ages over time from a kitten to an adult cat. The pet can get hungry, tired, and bored – these can be resolved via interaction with the owner. The lifespan of this pet is 119 years.


NOTE: This is an interactive game. Please take the time to check it out on the blockchain! 

TITLE: Dance of Fire and Ice

EDITION: 1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: “The Raven has taken flight, soaring high far above any competitors. This depicts that no matter what is in front of Raven coin as competition the Raven will always have dominance.”

This artwork is another masterpiece from the series (The Very First 6) which is going to consist of 6 beautiful and rare artwork’s NFT collections. The NFT owner will also receive the Original Resolution image which will be about (21k resolution) which is 21,750 × 13,000 pixels of Artwork, other than this they will receive a Certificate of Authenticity and their name will be Mentioned on the Mindelic Art Official Site to prove their ownership.



TITLE: Fight the D.I.P.S

EDITION:  1 of 1

NFT DESCRIPTION: “The establishment had tried once again to destroy the RavenKing. This time they sent their machines, commonly known as D.I.P.S. The RavenKing did not fear the D.I.P.S. He was patient and knew the D.I.P.S. armor would only add to his wealth.”
“Fight the D.I.P.S” is the second in a series of unique NFT artworks by Christopher Ell. Created using Unreal Engine and Photoshop, this action-packed image is delivered as an uncompressed TIFF file with a native render resolution of 11,520 x 4800 making it suitable for large format printing without compromise.
This piece is limited to a single NFT and has not been displayed anywhere in its full resolution prior to this auction.
Chris is an artist at DreamWorks Animation and has worked on such films as Kung Fu Panda, The Croods, and the upcoming Spirt Untamed.

CREATOR: Christopher Ell